The Board of Directors

How is the Board of Directors Chosen

The Board shall consist of 5 Elected Board members: Chairman, Vice I, Vice II, Vice III, and Vice IV elected for a 5 year term and they will move up each year until they reach Chairman, having been a member or representative of a member for one (1) year prior to the election. The rest of the Board will consist of 4 members elected for a one year term, making a total of 9 members and 5 other Ex Officio members, Mayor, County Judge, Superintendent of Dardanelle Schools and Arkansas Tech University Representative and these five members may be appointed by them. If these offices do not wish to send a Representative, they can be appointed by Chairman, except for Ex Officio Chairman. Each year the Election will be as follows, the membership will elect Vice IV for 5 year term and 4 one year term individuals. If one of the Vice Chairs resign during the year there would be a place on the ballot for whatever position, Vice II or Vice III, to be elected to finish term. The Treasurer can be a board member but does not have to be, but the Treasurer should have full privileges for a board member voting etc. See Article IV Section Four. 

Section Two

The following shall, by virtue of the office occupied, be ex-officio members of the Board of Directors:

  • The County Judge of Yell County or appoint a representative 
  • The Mayor of Dardanelle or appoint a represent 
  • Superintendent of the Dardanelle Schools or appoint a representative
  • The President Arkansas Tech University or appoint a representative 
  • The retiring Chairman if his/her elected term has expired shall automatically continue on the Board of Directors with full privileges for one (1) year.

Section Three

The Chairman may, with the consent of the Board of Directors, appoint up to five (5) Dardanelle Area Chamber of Commerce members to a one- (1) year term as Associate Directors. All Associate Directors shall have full Board of Directors privileges during their term.

2020 Board of Directors


Danny Bunting - Chairman

Sherry Fowler, Vice I

Drew Papasan Vice II

Tonya Moles Vice III

Josh Buchanan Vice IV

Jennifer Reed Treasurer


Mark Thone, Yell County Judge 

Jimmy Witt,  Mayor of Dardanelle 

Kevin Solomon, Arkansas Tech University 

Zach Hettinga, Dardanelle Public Schools 

Wendy Wells, 2019 Chairman  

Voted in  by Members 

Vickie Kneeland 2021 

Nancy Moore 2021 

Dana Edwards 2021 

Chelsea Chandler 2021 

Appointed  by the Chairman

Montie Sims  

Celia Carter/Amy Ford 

Jacob Belt 

Scott Waniewski 

Dusty Bunting